You Can Own The Nipple Covers Miley Cyrus Wore to Fashion Week

What? You think blingy ice-cream shaped nipple covers aren’t something you’d necessarily buy? C’mon, live a little! Okay fine, we agree that they may not offer much in the way of utility, but hey, Miley Cyrus wore them and we kinda can’t stop staring.

The decidedly un-modest Cyrus almost broke social media when pics of her emerged at Alexander Wang‘s gritty secret after-party in Brooklyn Saturday night wearing nothing on top but the sequin pasties. To their credit, they managed to stay on, even through Miley’s twerking, smoking, posing, mask-wearing and general crazy-partying.

In case you’re feeling like taking the plunge, the nipple covers are available for $32 at Shop Jeen and—not surprisingly—they’re almost out of stock, so hurry up if you think these have a spot in your wardrobe.


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