How Rich Are They Really? Deconstructing Miley Cyrus’s Net Worth

Spencer Cain

miley cyrus we cant stop bear1 How Rich Are They Really? Deconstructing Miley Cyruss Net Worth
She may be 20-years-old, but that doesn’t mean anything. After all, Miley Cyrus has been famous for years now, and has been accumulating some serious money in the process. First bursting onto the scene thanks to her leading role as Hannah Montana on Disney’s smash hit teen show “Hannah Montana,” it’s been nothing but uphill for Cyrus, who has starred in a slew of movies, released tons of hit records, and caused a great deal of controversy in recent months thanks to a drastic image makeover.
Gone are the days of floor-length red carpet gowns that could double as prom dresses. Lately, Cyrus is all about crop tops, jumpsuits, and vintage pieces from high-end labels like Versace and Balmain. But frankly, Cyrus doesn’t care what the haters think—and why should she? She can buy and sell each of you many times over!
Below, the scoop on her astoundingly high net worth!
Estimated Net Worth: Cyrus’s estimated net worth is around $120 million—and rising! Although it’s of course impossible to specifically pinpoint how much she’s actually worth, this figures is based on Forbes list placements, annual salary, real estate holdings, and other public information.
Salary: In 2010, Cyrus landed the 13th spot on the Forbes Celebrity 100—which is ridiculously impressive for her young age. That year, she earned a staggering $48 million, putting her on par with some of the most famous stars in the world. Her world tour that year alone brought in a nightly gross box office of $1.2 million. Given the fact that she played 57 shows, had a smash hit that year with “Party in the U.S.A.,” and sold tons of merchandise featuring her likeness, it’s no surprise that she brought in this much cash in such a short time. Next year, she scored even more. From June 2010 to June 2011, she reportedly earned $54 million! Sigh. Those royalties sure go a long way!
Endorsement DealsFun fact: Miley Cyrus is the first celebrity ever to have deals with four areas at the Walt Disney Company: TV, film, recording, and consumer products, meaning the hoards of merchandise that feature her name or a photograph of her. So, as you can imagine, she’s had a great deal of success with this multi-platform deal, and hasn’t really had to venture into more formal endorsements. Cyrus is a brand in herself, which is why she’s had such extensive and continued success. As of late, Cyrus has featured eos lip balm products as well as Beats by Dre headphones in her “We Can’t Stop” video, very clearly showing product placement. However, we’re not sure what she’s actually been paid for as a result of that. As previously mentioned, the Miley Cyrus name is a brand in itself, and can be licensed.
Real EstateIn 2011, Cyrus scooped up a very adult pad in Studio City for $3.9 million. The 5,173 square-foot pad isn’t her only home in the area. In 2010, she shelled out $3.4 million for a large Mediterranean pile in Toluca Lake, located nearby to her family’s compound. Of course, given the fact that her mother recently filed for divorce from longtime on-and-off-again husband Billy Ray Cyrus, who knows where the family will live after the settlement goes through? In the meantime, Cyrus still resides in her Toluca Lake home with fiancé Liam Hemsworth. She’s not only a west coaster. According to reports, in 2009, the starlet shelled out $1.8 million for a beach house in Florida. It’s unclear as to whether or not this property is still in her possession, but from the looks of it, it seems like Cyrus has quite a mini-portfolio going.
Toys: Cyrus loves to ride around in the lap of luxury, so it’s no surprise she scooped up a $100,000 Mercedes SL550 back in 2012. That same year, it seems she scooped up a $200,000 McLaren. Liam Hemsworth has been seen driving both cars around Los Angeles. Talk about lucky guy! These days, it seems Cyrus is interested in channeling a filthy rich soccer mom, as she recently scooped up an $80,000 Porsche Cayenne SUV. She’s also regularly seen riding on a private jet, but we’re pretty sure she charters it and does not own one—yet.
Jewelry: It’s no secret that Cyrus loves her bling. From vintage Versace and Chanel pieces to a gold and diamond grill which likely costs upwards of $10,000, she’s no stranger to high-priced goodies. Also, a 3.5 carat diamond Neil Lane rock rests on her finger—and it’s valued over $100,000. Our point being? If you added up everything in her jewelry box, it would be more than most people make in a lifetime.

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