25 Sexy Monokinis From Miami Swim Week Worthy Of Miley Cyrus

Perrie Samotin

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Miley Cyrus during the course of the last few months, it’s that she has a serious affinity for the monokini. For the uninitiated, the monokini is a skimpy one-piece bathing suit that might as well be a bikini. In fact, Cyrus loves the style so much, she rocked a black version on the cover of her single “We Can’t Stop” last month.

It’s not only Miley who’s a fan of the barely-there bathing suit style, however, as swimwear designers during Miami Swim Week sent a stream of models down the runway showcasing various incarnations of the sexy suits, making it almost as prevalent as the classic bikini on runways.

Designers such as Mara Hoffman worked monokini-style cutouts into bathing suits in a bohemian way, using a variety of India-inspired prints and colors, while labels such as Aguaclara and Caitlin Kelly went all-out sexy with barely-there black fabrics.

Granted, the daring shape isn’t for everyone, but judging by its reign over Miami Swim Week runways (and, we’re sure, many of its pool-lounging attendees), it looks like it’s here to stay at least for another season. That said, we’ve compiled the 25 skimpiest monokinis from Miami Swim that are totally worthy of the monokini’s biggest advocate, miss Miley Cyrus (who, odds are, will be rocking one or more in the near future.)