Hey, Miley and Liam: Here’s Where You Should Have Your Rumored Australian Wedding

miley liam wedding Hey, Miley and Liam: Heres Where You Should Have Your Rumored Australian Wedding


Today we learned on-and-off couple (currently on though, according to unconfirmed reportsMiley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are planning to exchange wedding vows in Australia. Specifically, Us Magazine reports the couple was spotted visiting Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, where an insider told the publication “they were discussing potential venues and looking around.”

Now, not only is Hemsworth from Australia, but I’m an Aussie and feel it’s my duty to fill you in on the virtues of a wedding in the motherland. (Disclaimer: I’m very biased.) Right now my ring finger is bare and will probably stay that way for some time, BUT if I ever do get hitched, I would seriously consider Byron Bay as my wedding destination.

It’s wonderful, you guys. It’s essentially a hippie beach town on the east coast of Australia that takes about nine hours to drive to from Sydney and four hours from Brisbane, where my family lives (so, Miley, it’s no hassle if you want me to stop by). The weather is almost always perfect. There are wide stretches of beaches and great restaurants that could host a wedding reception. Plus, the beach area is backed by a hinterland filled with beautiful, rural properties that cater perfectly to rustic weddings. This might be the best decision Miley’s ever made.

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In terms of venues, I took it upon myself to offer up some suggestions. There’s this place, which seems to have good reviews online (important) and is very private (because, celebrity). Also, plenty of space for a bouncy house, which another source told Us is something Miley wants to have on the big day.

byron bay wedding

The Fig Tree

byron bay wedding

The Fig Tree

Alternatively, they could hold the reception at this place after a beach ceremony. I could really see Miley getting hitched in a bikini, and the view is brilliant.

byron bay wedding beach Hey, Miley and Liam: Heres Where You Should Have Your Rumored Australian Wedding

Beach Byron Bay

I’m probably getting ahead of myself here, considering Hemsworth told TV Week Australia in March that he wasn’t engaged, and we don’t have any real confirmation that a wedding is in the works. Regardless, though, this wedding destination is infallible—and a girl’s gotta dream, right?

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