12 Times Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Trolled the Hell Out of Each Other on Social Media

STYLECASTER | Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Relationship Timeline
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They may be #RelationshipGoals, but Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have trolled each other more than any celebrity couple we can think of. Yes—Chrissy Teigen and John Legend and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are known to troll their significant others on social media, but Cyrus and Hemsworth take it to the next level with physical pranks and almost-crossing-the-line humor.

Fans know that Cyrus and Hemsworth haven’t had the most stable relationship. They started dating almost a decade ago on the set of Nicholas Sparks’s The Last Song. Their on-screen love story became a real-life love story until they broke up and called off their engagement a few years later. It took them several years to reunite, but they’ve finally found their way to one another, and they look like they couldn’t be happier. The country-pop singer and Australian actor married in a secret wedding in Cyrus’s home state of Tennessee in December.

But as beautiful as their wedding pictures were, what we’re really in it for when it comes to their social media accounts is how they manage to troll each other so good every time. From their cheeky Instagram comments to Hemsworth’s habit of scaring Cyrus on the road, here are the best times Cyrus and Hemsworth have trolled each other on social media.

When Liam Posted an Unflattering Photo of Miley

As cute as Cyrus looks in this photo, she wasn’t a fan and told Hemsworth so when he posted it on his Instagram.” Why. This. Picture lol,” she commented. Cyrus returned the favor by posting a since-deleted Instagram of her driving Hemsworth’s car with a very obvious “I Just Pooped. #Awkward” air freshener. She wrote, “LOL 💩 Thanks A LOT @liamhemsworth ! this is the LAST time I’ll be driving your car home especially when there’s paparazzi!!!! #awkward”

When Liam Scared the Hell Out of Miley

You will soon find out that Hemsworth loves to scare Cyrus, but one of his best pranks was in April 2018 when he popped out around the corner to terrify his now-wife. “Fuck you! I hate you. I’m going to cry,” Cyrus tells him. He captioned the Instagram story, “She love when I do this.”

When Liam Made Miley Drop Her Phone

Cyrus and Hemsworth were jamming out to some tunes in the car—or so she thought. While fist-pumping to some music, Hemsworth reaches over at Cyrus and screams, forcing her to drop her phone. “Oh shit!” he says. You can hear the beginning of her yelling at him in the end.

When Liam Scared Cyrus in a Golf Cart

Cyrus knew what was coming, but she got into the golf cart anyways. This Instagram video shows the singer hesitant to sit with her husband as he drives a golf cart. There’s a lot of tension and build-up before Hemsworth screams and scares the hell out of Cyrus, despite her knowing exactly what was going to happen. “Jump on in,” Hemsworth tells Cyrus, to which she responds, “Nuh uh!” Cyrus later commented on the Instagram with, “I hate / love you.”

When Liam Scared Miley in the Dark

Pranks in the daylight are one thing but to scare someone in the dark is just cruel. That’s what Hemsworth did in this video when he popped out from the corner and terrified his wife. “You fucking cunt. I hate you so much. Liam!” Cyrus says. Hemsworth wrote in the caption, “Please excuse Miley’s foul language. Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad…almost 😎”

When Liam Pretended to Crash His Car

Hemsworth got Cyrus good in this Instagram video which shows the two jamming out while driving. Mid-song, Hemsworth grabs the steering wheel and screams, making Cyrus jump, thinking that their car was about to crash. “I’m going to beat the shit out of you,” Cyrus says. “I’m number one,” Hemsworth responds.

When Liam Screamed While Singing Justin Bieber

Hemsworth and Cyrus were enjoying some quality time, singing along to Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” in the car when he had to ruin the moment by screaming and pretending to crash the car. “Oh!” he screams. “Babe! Stop! Seriously,” Cyrus responds.

When Miley Sent Liam This NSFW Valentine’s Day Meme

For Valentine’s Day 2019, Cyrus tweeted Hemsworth this NSFW V-Day meme of her with her legs spread wide open, with the text: “When it’s valentine’s day and bae says hi:” “.@LiamHemsworth love you,” Cyrus wrote. It’s a troll much sweeter than Hemsworth’s pranks.

When Miley Almost Makes Miley Ruin Her Lipstick

Cyrus was applying her lipstick while in the car with Hemsworth when he screamed and scared her mid-application. “You are going to fuck up my fucking lipstick!” she says.

When Liam Made Miley Hurt Her Neck

The car isn’t safe from Hemsworth’s scares. While driving in a car and soaking in the nature around them (including a deer), Hemsworth made a noise that scared Cyrus and made her jolt back, hurting her neck. “My fucking neck!” she says.

When Miley Told Everyone About Her and Liam’s Sex Life

After Cyrus attended the premiere of Hemsworth’s 2019 movie Isn’t It Romantic when he was sick, she took to Twitter to dedicate a sweet message to him, while telling everyone about their sex life. “Getting sick blows. But so do I. Get well soon babe. I love you. Play that sax you sexy fuck. ❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋❤️” she wrote. NSFW but sweet. Hemsworth’s pranks could learn a thing or two.

When Liam’s Brother Parodied Miley’s Song

We guess trolling Cyrus runs in the family. While listening to Cyrus’s song “Wrecking Ball,” Hemsworth’s brother, Chris Hemsworth, thought he would record himself jamming out dramatically to the song.