This is So Good: Watch Miley Cyrus, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon Sing ‘We Can’t Stop’

Meghan Blalock

Just when we thought we were growing weary of Miley Cyrus’ nearly-naked antics, she has to go and do something so good that we just can’t hate her. The pop star of the moment joined forces with talk show host Jimmy Fallon and his in-house band The Roots to put together a truly charming a Capella version of her party anthem “We Can’t Stop,” and it’s amazing.

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Fallon and his guys, led by legendary DJ/producer Questlove, have put together similar masterpieces in the past, working with artists like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera to create endearing a Capella versions of their hit songs. But, for some reason, this one seems like the crowning gem of them all.

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Watch the clip above and let us know if you love it as much as we do!