Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo Says A Lot About Her Relationship With Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus.
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Nothing like some new ink to make Miley Cyrus feel like a new woman! The “Malibu” singer has quite the collection of tattoos and she has just added a rather interesting one to the bunch. Many people are wondering if Miley Cyrus’ heart tattoo meaning is about Cody Simpson—the two are currently in a passionate romantic relationship. It’s highly possible this tattoo was inspired by her new lover. But if so…what does it mean? We’d love to understand the inspiration. Cyrus’ tattoo is what she deemed a “rock n roll heart”—it features a dagger through the center of it. 

Cyrus took to her Instagram story to show off the new art. In addition to the dagger through the middle, the heart features a banner that reads, “ROCK N ROLL HEART.” Edgy! There’s also blood dripping off of the end of the dagger. I guess realistic? But a little gross? All for the art! It’s possible her tattoo is simply for herself and no one else. She does have a rock n roll heart of her own already! But also just gonna point out that Simpson sings, plays guitar, perhaps he like to *rock out*….look, it’s maybe totally unrelated. But the timing definitely feels like there could be something about Simpson in here.

 Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo Says A Lot About Her Relationship With Cody Simpson

Instagram/Miley Cyrus.

You can see a closer look at the heart in this video below:

Cyrus recently split from hubby Liam Hemsworth. She got a new tattoo in the wake of that breakup with words that fans felt were directly tied to the end of that relationship. Cyrus debuted the tattoo at the VMAs, shortly after the split, where she sang her breakup song, “Slide Away.” So. The glove fits. The quote on her arm reads, “My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free.”

Also, the song gives us ALL the feels. “Baby we were found, but now we’re lost.” Sobbing.

Cyrus also got a tattoo during her brief fling with Kaitlynn Carter. The two had a whirlwind vacation in Italy, where they were seen kissing when they presumably thought no one was watching. Fans assumed the tattoo was to commemorate their time together in Italy. Her tattoo artist, Doctor Woo, explained that the inspiration behind her snake tattoo was “a cool old sculpture @MileyCyrus found in Italy.” It features the Visconti of Milan’s coat of arms:

So, perhaps this new tattoo is, in fact, tied to her relationship with Simpson. OR. My theory is, it’s her way of dealing with who she was and who she is now. A la Donny and Marie, just picture the old Hannah Montana-era Miley singing, “I’m a little bit country,” and then the more recent wild, Nine Inch Nail rocking Miley singing, “and I’m a little bit rock n roll.” …..Too much of a stretch? LMK.

She was a little bit country….

Now’s she’s a little bit rock n roll…

This tattoo could be the old and the new meeting as one. Never say never!!