Which Miley Cyrus Will You Be For Halloween? Here Are 11 To Choose From

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Which Miley Cyrus Will You Be For Halloween? Here Are 11 To Choose From
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There’s not much in life we can count on but of this we’re certain: Miley Cyrus will be the reigning costume for this year’s Halloween. Since cutting off her hair in 2012, Miley has been providing us with costume-idea gold, so now the only question is which Miley will you be?

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Not only is there an endless list of Miley possibilities, but her recent feuds with celebrities like Sinead O’Connor and Amanda Bynes means you can bring a friend into the dressing up fun. We actually feel sorry for all the guys out there who will undoubtedly be forced into renting a Beetlejuice-looking suit à la the VMAs.

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From a twerking donkey onesie to her most recent alien getup, we have all the Miley options a person could want. So tell us: Which Miley do you plan on dressing up as? 

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We're predicting Miley at the VMAs will be the most popular spin on the Halloween costume. 
Accessories needed: Creepy teddy bear body suit or latex bikini, spunky pigtails, and Robin Thicke lookalike. 

If you want to reference a more recent Miley moment, then use these photos from rapper Future's forthcoming music video
Accessories needed: Tons of silver body paint and not much else. 

Wait, you don't already own a Barbie replica of yourself? Well get on it if you want to recreate her look from the "We Can't Stop" video. 
Accessories needed: Scary Barbie and black mesh swimsuit.

We're also partial to this other look from the "We Can't Stop" video. How many other times in your life can you rock a teddy bear backpack? 
Accessories needed: Big teddy bear with straps, West Coast t-shirt, bandana and sky high pompadour.

Or you can take it back to Miley's original twerking days.
Accessories needed: Unicorn onsie and snazzy dance moves. 

Here's the good thing about this Maxim-inspired costume: All you need is a pair of ripped jeans. The bad news: You'll have to face the wall the entire night.
Accessories needed: Jeans with conveniently placed hole and lots of gold bling. 

Or you can be Miley from Terry Richardson's recent photo shoot
Accessories needed: Red bodysuit, soda can, and a major bikini wax. 

Photo: Terry Richardson

If you're going for a more casual Miley outfit, then replicate her look from Mike Will Made It's video "23."
Accessories needed: Chicago Bulls jersey fashioned into a two-piece, Chanel accessories, Air Jordans and some purp. 

Miley's shoot for V Magazine also serves as great Halloween costume inspiration. 
Accessories needed: Jeans, black blazer, pink hair, and a firmly-placed hand. 

If you want to go all out, wear her outfit from the recent iHeartRadio Music Festival performance.
Accessories needed: Fur shrug, white mesh dress, bikini bottoms and —of course— pasties. 

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel

If you need a last-minute Miley costume, then you can't go wrong with her "Wrecking Ball" outfit.
Accessories needed: White tank, white bikini bottoms, construction boots, and a sledgehammer you don't mind getting frisky with. 

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