Miley Cyrus Is Trying Not to Be ‘Petty’ in Response to Chris Hemsworth’s Shady Comments

Miley Cyrus
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Not so much of a “Wrecking Ball” now, is she? After her ex’s older brother offered some, uh, sly comments about their breakup, Miley Cyrus’ response to Chris Hemsworth’s shade was actually far more relaxed than expected. Instead of being “petty,” Miley, 27, is avoiding the drama altogether as far as her reaction goes.

Something tells me that her Instagram Live series, #BrightMinded, really does have this Disney alum thinking more positively. So much so, she can’t really be bothered to address the elder Hemsworth brother’s comments about her split with Liam. Chris, 36, was talking about Liam’s recent transformation on the cover of Men’s Health when he seemed to blame his lifestyle in Malibu—i.e. with Miley—on his less-than-stellar fitness in past years (but that’s according to Hemsworth standards). As for what’s changed, “It’s Australian living, I guess,” Chris shared in a recent interview with “We got him out of Malibu!”

While many starting reading into this comment, Miley isn’t wasting her time on it. According to a source with HollywoodLife, “Miley is aware of the comments but she won’t respond.” And apparently, it’s because she’s far too happy with another Australian beau—her current boyfriend, 23-year-old Cody Simpson.

“She’s not with Liam anymore and is very happy in her current relationship so as far as she’s concerned it’s just none of her business what Liam or his family says,” says the source. “She already spoke her truth with her music, she’s moved on now. She’s happy and in love and she’s putting her energy into trying to help as much as she can in this current crisis.”

As for what that looks like, the aforementioned Instagram Live series is a start. A second source with HollywoodLife shared that “She doesn’t want to be petty,” and instead, “Miley‘s focus is her family, her dogs, her relationship with Cody and her Instagram show that all this week has been about talking to people who are making a difference in the world. Miley wants to make a difference and not get wrapped up in a celebrity feud especially with an ex. It provides no progress to anything at any time. Miley is cool moving forward and that’s that.”

Well, you heard the source! That’s that; and honestly, we’re on board with it.

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