Miley Cyrus: Birthday Party Brings the Star Out in “Pretty Woman” Costume


Miley Cyrus celebrated her 17th birthday on Wednesday, dressed as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Pre-makeover. You’d think that as a role model to young girls, Miley would choose a costume that didn’t scream sex-for-money-jk, but this is the same girl who pole danced at the Teen Choice Awards.

The ‘80s-themed party was held at the Canal Room on West Broadway, where Miley’s mom surprised her with a performance by Constantine Maroulis and the cast of Broadway’s “Rock of Ages.” Miley danced with Constantine between songs, and yes, he’s 34. Does that creep anyone else out?

Oh well, it’s her birthday and she can be slutty if she wants to. At least the party theme was original… Oh wait.


It’s not funny, Miley.