Miley Cyrus Reveals the Name of Her New Album: ‘Bangerz’

Meghan Blalock

miley cyrus grill Miley Cyrus Reveals the Name of Her New Album: Bangerz

Miley Cyrus is fast securing a place in the social media hall of fame: She took to Twitter a few weeks ago and declared that she would only reveal the title of her upcoming album if she reached 13 million followers. And last night, she did just that. The name of her album? “Bangerz.”

miley cyrus bangerz

Even though just last week Miley said in a interview that she “isn’t just a ratchet white girl,” the term “bangers,” like many of the words Miley has been using as of late, comes from hip-hop culture and denotes a track that is so good and beat-laden that you can’t help but bang your head to it.

So whether she wants to be or not, Miley is a white girl who is appropriating and re-utilizing cultural symbols that originally came from rap and hip-hop culture. And whether or not that makes her “ratchet” is up for debate; but regardless of how we label what she’s been doing, one thing’s for certain: we’ve come to expect catchy pop songs out of her, and we maintain hope that “Bangerz” will be chock full of ’em.

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