So, Here’s Mila Kunis Talking About Ashton Kutcher’s Penis

Mila Kunis probably didn’t expect to be explaining the size of her husband’s penis to the free world on Monday, but that’s pretty much how her night played out while appearing on “The Late Late Show.” Kunis and her “Bad Moms” costar Christina Applegate played a round of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts,”  a truth-or-dare style game where the actresses were forced to answer a revealing question or consume one of the gross things host James Corden prepared, like clam juice or cow brains.

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First was Mila, and she was faced with a very personal question about her husband, Ashton Kutcher and his, um, manhood: “Carrot stick or beer can?” Naturally, Mila was caught off-guard by the question, and almost considered downing the disgusting clam juice to avoid answering before attempting to respond. She starts off by saying it’s more like a carrot stick, but quickly changes her answer when James shakes his head with warning (as in, no guy wants to be compared with a carrot.) Kunis then backtracks and decides Kutcher is more like a really tall can of beer. “I’m thinking short and stubby, or long and thin,” she said about the beer can/carrot stick comparison, “but like a Guinness.” So there you have it, a description of Ashton Kutcher’s penis, from his wife herself.

In case you missed it, watch Kunis’s response in the video above.

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