MiH Denim Lookbook: Marloes Horst as Jane Birkin

Kerry Pieri
MiH Denim Lookbook: Marloes Horst as Jane Birkin
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Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett wore them in the 70s, the designer, Chloe Lonsdale, whose mum was a denim model and dad owned London based denim retail stores, relaunched the brand started by her Godfather in 1969 to rather stellar results and renamed it MiH from Made in Heaven.

A model who embodies that whole hot bohemian vibe not dissimilar to the girls who first wore Made in Heaven, Marloes Horst, poses for the spring 2011 campaign and lookbook, styled by Simone Konu, and shot by Magnus Klackenstam.

It’s all kinds of beachy and sandy and sort of overcast and Marloes isn’t even wearing a top in most of them, because it’s about the awesome jeans that before you would have had to source in some vintage shop and hope the zipper still works. Haven’t you heard? It’s all about the flares.