This Cool Stationery Brand Wants to Help You Get Your Shit Together in 2016

Ugh, it’s been a full 12 months since I didn’t save a bucketload more money, and I’m still spending way too much time on Instagram and Facebook. But now that I’m doing the New Year’s resolution thing again (I’ve resolved to learn how to cook and travel more, thanks for asking), I’ve had my eye on a particular stationery brand, Mi Goals.

The company makes “inspirational products to take you from dreaming to getting shit done”—namely, planners, desk pads, two-sided typography “goal cards” to plan out your aspirations, and little notepads to write down your 2016 bucket list.

There’s a well-studied correlation between writing down your goals and actually achieving them, so keep clicking to shop the label—and get your shit together for 2016.

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