Following Mid-Size Fashion Bloggers Helped Me Embrace My Body — & A New Sense Of Style

Bella Gerard
Following Mid-Size Fashion Bloggers Helped Me Embrace My Body — & A New Sense Of Style
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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Many people experience pivotal moments of realization in the shower, but for me, lighting often strikes mid-pedicure (Not literally, or I’d be screwed). In this particular instance, I was meeting a work friend for pedis and girl talk when our conversation turned to her very stylish Instagram. My friend, Gisele, has style, y’all, and as I praised her chic clothes, great lighting, and fire captions, I let her know that my real favorite part about her feed was seeing someone who looked like myself. Someone not model-thin, but not plus-size, either. For the first time, I wondered why I wasn’t following more mid-size fashion bloggers.

It hadn’t hit me before that nail salon date, but so many of the people I followed on social media (fashion influencers, especially) fell neatly into either straight-size or plus-size categories. As a mid-size gal myself, it never occurred to me to seek out similar bodies when scouring the ‘Gram for fashion inspo, though I often found myself wishing I could fit into brands that stopped at a too-tight size Large, or having FOMO after finding myself unable to buy from a popular plus-size spot. Often, girls who fall somewhere in the middle – usually between sizes 10 and 14 – don’t have a perfect place in the fashion world, so I decided to seek out more mid-size content creators and discover the fashion inspiration I deserved. It wasn’t that I only wanted to follow people that looked like me; I just couldn’t help but admit how nice it felt to see myself represented in the content I consumed.

With this goal in mind, I set out to fill my feed with as many mid-size influencers as I could. Using hashtags like #midsizecollective and #averagegirlsize, I quickly found a bevy of beautiful accounts, ones with posts I instantly started bookmarking and screenshotting. Inspo, unlocked! Users like Holly of @thekittyluxe had me this close to moving to London to check out the British high street shopping scene, while others, like Karina of @styleidealist, convinced me to give tailored pants and statement-making dresses a second chance. And of course, my friend Gisele is a forever fave for fashion inspo.

It’s not that this mid-size content was any better or worse than that of the other influencers I already followed, but I was able to picture myself in these OOTDs with a tiny bit more ease. It was exciting to see women who looked like me killing it in looks I’d never dreamed I could ever pull off. With my new follows came a resurgence of confidence in my body, and an excitement to try out new looks based on my newfound inspiration.

It’s safe to say my shopping has been at an all-time high since following more mid-size fashionistas, but TBH, so has my self-esteem. In the end, that totally justifies a few extra online shopping binges.