A Mid-Century Treasure Trove in the Hamptons


Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to hang with Jackson Pollock and all of his artist friends in the Hamptons (before all the McMansions started sprouting up)? Wyeth‘s newest shop in East Hampton, located on the Montauk Highway, is probably the closest you will come to finding out.

When you see the store from the highway you know there is something different about this space. I was out last weekend visiting friends and passed by the store a few times before we were compelled to stop and see what the space was all about. You get the full effect when you pull around the back to enter this fantastic furniture store. The previous shop owner sold wicker furniture, but it now specializes in mid-century modern antiques and vintage collectables.

In the back yard there were three artist types at a picnic table, one of them working on his Macbook Air, with the sun shining down through the gorgeous towering trees. Even though you are right off the highway you feel transported back in time. If you close your eyes, you can almost hear Pollock and Krasner discussing the abstract expressionist movement and where it is headed.

The shop has been in a state of restoration for the last year and a half; the gentleman I spoke with said they are still not finished and was a work in progress, but even so, it looks incredible! Glass windows that span the back entrance (the picture above does not do it justice) are so inviting that when I walked in I immediately felt I must have everything in the place! Skylights flood the space with sunlight that dances across the beautiful furniture’s wood, metal, and stone finishes.

The entire experience makes you wish you had an extra room or two in your place that needed to be furnished– it’s a definite must when you are out east!

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