Celebrity Microtrend: Straw Fedoras


Just in time for summer, the straw fedora is making its way back into our hearts. We’ve been hanging on to this style for a few seasons now and it’s obvious why: fedoras are a perfectly stylish way to hide from the sun, hide from the paparazzi, or even hide your bad hair day.

This trend is still going strong with the celebrity set too; this week alone, three of our favorite stylish girls were caught hiding behind a straw version of the old school hat. Megan Fox, Michelle Williams and Lauren Conrad are among the famous and fabulous that chose a straw fedora to cover up while getting their caffeine fix or simply sipping on Margaritas at a summer pool party. We can see why this trend is a keeper for the Summer of 09.

Try our picks to get this celebrity look:

Eugenia Kim’s Khaki Straw Fedora

Christy’s Crown Series Brown Fedora with Brown and Green Ribbon