Michelle Zacks Takes On The Perfect Shirt With Holy Tee Line

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Michelle Zacks Takes On The Perfect Shirt With Holy Tee Line
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You may know Michelle Zacks for her luxurious knitwear brand Spring & Clifton. Or perhaps you frequent her blog, Holy Tee, which is dedicated to the perfect vintage t-shirt. And hopefully you know about her collection Holy Tee, made upof jersey shirts, dresses and bottoms that are simple with a touch of interesting flair. But if not, read on, ’cause your wardrobe is seriously missing out.

Zacks began by posting a picture a day of a t-shirt, which spoke to her obsession with simple yet enviable vintage tees and the ease with which you can make them fashionable custon to your personal style. Already deep-rooted in the world of design with her line Spring & Clifton, turning her blog into a tangible collection didn’t seem like too much of a leap.

In a blink of an eye (aka two months) Holy Tee’s first round of looks emerged on the fashion scene. While the tees have a beautiful minimalism to them, there is a definitive fashion philosophy behind every design. Michelle Zacks describes the girl who wears her line as “sort of witchy, fashiony, she has some special powers.”

This mysterious, effortlessly fashion girl is embodied by the celebrity references Zacks uses when drafting her collection. She cites “iconic 70s references like Stevie Nicks and Talitha Getty” who inspire her with their glamorous lifestyle. Modern girls like Zoe Kravitz and Erin Wasson also fit the Holy Tee image with their “casual, unique vibe and look.” And of course, Zacks would love to dress Drew Barrymore, who is the ultimate girl crush for someone who loves fuss-free style and easy beauty.

As someone who is immersed in the world of design, Zacks looks to other designers who have done fun, innovative construction with jersey like Halston and Giorgio di Sant’Angelo. But living in what Zacks describes as “the best fashion city in the world” — commonly known as New York — she finds seeds that grow into broader ideas for her line. One of our favorite things about Michelle Zacks is that she wholeheartedly supports New York’s community of designers. Her collection is made in NYC, which is an important show of support for the struggling Manhattan Garment District.

So what’s next for Michelle Zacks? She plans to continue “expanding the language” of Holy Tee with the goal of growing it into a full collection. As for taking on other aspects of design, she believes that home decor will “aesthetically transfer really well.” Zacks maintains that, “Once you have a look going you can attach it to a lot of different creative projects.”

We’re definitely crushing on everything Holy Tee right now, so no matter where Zacks goes next, we know one thing for sure: we’ll be right behind her, ready to scoop up her beautiful designs and classically elegant philosophy.

Click through the slideshow above to check out pictures of the designer with some of her favorite pieces from the Holy Tee spring/summer 2012 collection!

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Holy Tee spring/summer 2012 collection.

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