How Michelle Williams Uses Aquaphor & a Hot Towel to Exfoliate Her Lips

Michelle Williams
Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic.

Celebrity uses for Aquaphor are never-ending. Zendaya uses it as highlighter. Sofia Richie uses it to prevent dark circles. Selena Gomez uses it to transform powder eyeshadow into cream. Now we have yet another use for the drugstore balm: lip exfoliation.

In an interview with Today, Michelle Williams’s makeup artist, Angela Levin, said that the star follows a simple hack for a red-carpet-ready pout. The hack begins by using a hot washcloth to carefully slough off dead skin cells on the lips. Then Levin immediately moisturizes them with a combination of Aquaphor ($4) and Clarins lip oil ($26), with some Dr. Hauschka lip balm sometimes ($12).

“We try to take a hot washcloth and lay it on the lips and wipe the lips to take away the dead skin. You have to be very gentle. I use a combination of Aquaphor and the Clarins lip oil. Dr. Hauschka, I put on her as well,” Levin said.

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As if we needed another reason to love Aquaphor.