Michelle Trachtenberg Does Kate Middleton On ‘Gossip Girl’

Spencer Cain

A few weeks after confirming the return of the Upper East Side’s favorite sociopath, Georgina Sparks, Michelle Trachtenberg is already tweeting pictures from the Gossip Girl set — and you won’t be disappointed!

Michelle hash tagged #RoyalWeddingGossipGirlStyle, so it’s pretty clear that Georgina will be in attendance for Blair and the Prince’s big day. However, as a lifelong Chuck and Blair supporter, I’m hoping that this wedding doesn’t actually happen. Come on, B and C are perfect for each other — and no one will ever have what they have!

That said, I love Michelle’s fascinator, which is totally reminiscent to the oneKate Middleton donned a few months ago. What I wouldn’t give for an excuse to wear one of those bad boys…

Image courtesy of Racked