Michelle Trachtenberg Back On Gossip Girl (We Already Knew)

Spencer Cain

Yesterday, Michael Aussielo and TVLine broke the news that Michelle Trachtenberg would once again be reviving her role as Georgina Sparks onGossip Girl, the craziest, most evil psycho to ever grace the Upper East Side. (Actually that’s probably not true – some of those society ladies play dirty.)

Considering the show that I used to rush home for on Monday nights and cry over during at least one of the holiday episodes has gone somewhat downhill, I’m sure Georgina will be the spark that it needs to regain its former glory. That said, we already had a suspicion that our beloved Georgie would be back. Last week, we chatted with Michelle at the opening of Folli Follie in Lord & Taylor, and she played less than coy.

The mysteriously broken-armed starlet told us, “There will always be Georgina on Gossip Girl. But if I told you about it, they would kill me. They would break the other arm. I’d be walking around in two slings with broken ankles.” Hmmm…sounds like those GG producers are as intense as the Upper East Siders themselves!

XOXO, Spencer Cain.

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