Michelle Phan’s Insane Morning Routine Will Make You Feel Like a Slacker

Kristen Bousquet
michelle phan morning routine

Photo: Michelle Phan

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan comes along and tells the “Today” show about her morning routine. Spoiler alert: It’s absolutely insane (some might say compulsive, but we won’t put words in your mouth).

First, Phan wakes up and looks at her phone to check the time, making sure she hasn’t overslept “which never really happens, because I always beat my alarm clock by a minute.”

“Next, I brush my teeth, and during that time I like to do squats,” Phan said, adding: “And while I’m showering, I put on my waterproof phone case so that I can check my emails. So it’s really about maximizing my time and it’s all about efficiency.”

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“After I’m done showering, I go into the living room and do pushups while I’m reading and answering emails, and then I look at my calendar to see what my schedule is.” Yes, pushups and reading and answering emails. At. The. Same. Time.

“I dress according to my schedule, so if I have meetings all day, I dress a little more professionally; if I have videos all day, then depending on which videos I’m filming, I go to my studio to set everything up. For makeup, I take five minutes to create a natural look focusing on eyes (liner, mascara and eyebrows), lip balm and concealer. For my hair, it’s wash and blow dry, which takes about 25 minutes.” (Okay, this one’s a little relatable.)

Hey, props to you Michelle Phan. But while we’re duly impressed with your multitasking abilities, we can’t help but wonder: How the heck do you answer emails while doing pushups? We’d like a video on that, please.