Michelle Obama’s New ‘Do


“I’m a little frumpy,” Barack Obama admitted last Tuesday when he sat down for an interview with Meredith Viera of The Today Show.

But since Barack Obama’s fashion faux-pas last week, we have yet to catch Mr. President in his rock star-glam mom jeans again. Formal meetings all week or has he taken the country’s (ahem, StyleCaster’s) advice? We’re shooting for the latter.

In the meantime, a new form of “mom” has taken shape on Michelle Obama’s head. Last night, she debuted her new haircut, the classic soccer mom cut, as she and her husband hosted a reception for country music singers in the White House’s east room. Among present guests: Alison Kraus and Brad Paisley.

Michelle continues to amaze us. Her former hairstyle, a shoulder length cut with long side swept bangs had become her signature; think Jennifer Aniston’s Friends’ alter ego’s famous “The Rachel haircut.

Nonetheless, we’re pleased with MObama’s decision to chop her locks. Her cut could have ventured into Kate Gosselin territory but surprisingly the swept-up short do is sophisticated. She continues to maintain class and perhaps even rise to new levels of chic. It’s hard being perfect, isn’t it? Sigh.

We predict that women across the country are already en route to their hair salons, picture of MObama’s ‘do at hand. We will offer one piece of advice though: steer clear of chopping too short or you might end up looking like the wrong Obama.

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