Michelle Obama Chooses Jason Wu (Again!) For Inaugural Ball Gown

Perrie Samotin

One thing’s for sure: Whether or not you’re a fan of Michelle Obama‘s ruby red halter-style chiffon and velvet Inaugural Ball gown, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing endless buzz about it for months, if not years, to come. Why? Apart from it being undeniably beautiful, it was created by Jason Wu—the designer Obama essentially put on the map in 2009 when she choose a drop-dead gorgeous one-shoulder white gown by the relatively unknown Wu for that year’s Inaugural Ball.

Merely seconds after the 49-year-old First Lady stepped onto the stage tonight after being introduced by her husband, President Barack Obama, we (like everyone else in the universe) had the inevitable “who is she wearing?!” moment, before the all-knowing users of Twitter started circulating word that Obama had chosen Wu for a second time—a pretty shocking move, considering the world was expecting FLOTUS to select an entirely different fairly unknown designer, who would inevitably shoot to international acclaim.

While it certainly would have been exhilarating to see Obama catapult a new designer to stardom—namely an upstart essentially unknown outside of the fashion world (industry darlings Chris Benz and Naeem Khan were among the names initially being tossed around as contenders), the First Lady did the opposite and truly solidified Wu’s status as a fashion force, not just a one-hit wonder.

Since Michelle Obama is revered the world over for her impeccable taste and modern exceution of each and every look, it’ll be interesting to see if future First Ladies will embrace Wu as a go-to designer—sort of like a latter-day Arnold Scaasi—or if he’ll remain solely associated with Obama throughout his career.

Either way, we’re happy for the 30-year designer on this monumental coup! Now, if only if he’d do another Target collection and this time fill it with red dresses…

Oh, and while the sweeping red gown was the real showstopper, Obama gets an A+ for her accessories: Jimmy Choo shoes, a rough-cut diamond ring by designer Kimberly McDonald, and her own signature stacked bracelets.