Michelle Obama’s Glam Inauguration Look Just Took My Breath Away

Michelle Obama’s Glam Inauguration Look Just Took My Breath Away
Photo: AP Images. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Once a fashionable First Lady, always a fashionable First Lady. Michelle Obama attended the 2021 Inauguration wearing the most incredible burgundy ‘fit I’ve ever seen in my life and honestly, it gave me chills! I knew she’d be there, but I was so excited by Dr. Jill Biden and VP Kamala Harris’ outfits that I completely forgot Michelle would be slaying, too.

Today is not about fashion, but I’ll be damned if I don’t give these stylish women a round of applause while I celerate our new president, Joe Biden. I’m obviously still obsessing over Jill Biden’s shimmery blue coat and Kamala Harris’ purple CJR ensemble, but I can’t help but focus on Michelle Obama’s outfit by Black designer Sergio Hudson. The look featured a beautiful raspberry overcoat, turtleneck and trousers, cinched at the waist with a round gold belt buckle.

Obama complimented the look with black leather gloves, a black face mask, Stuart Weitzman Vernell 75 boots, some very glam Old Hollywood curls in her hair and her best accessory, Barack. TBH, I don’t know why I’m so surprised—she looked amazing for eight straight years straight, after all.

STYLECASTER | Michelle Obama Inauguration Outfit 2021

AP Images.

The inauguration may have been set up a little differently this year, but the Obamas still had their moment as they walked down the stairs of the Capitol this morning. While Michelle’s raspberry hue isn’t technically purple, it’s no secret that purple is clearly the color of the day, with Kamala Harris and Former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hilary Clinton also wearing the vibrant shade. Dare I say Michelle’s raspberry is the perfect mix between blue and red, symbolizing the bipartisanship that the Obamas have prided themselves on in the years since they departed the White House??

The former First Lady has long been a fan of a show-stopping ensemble, and this has to be one of her best looks to date. Even with her mask on, it wasn’t hard to see that Mrs. Obama was all smiles at the ceremony, and her look made me feel the exact same way.

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