5 Things to Know About Michelle Keegan, the Sexiest Woman in the World

Liv Kelleher
michelle keegan

Photos: WENN

If you have your finger even remotely on the pulse of pop culture, you might have heard the name Michelle Keegan kicking around. If not, here’s a fun fact: The 27-year-old British actress was recently named the Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM magazine.

Although you may not know much about Keegan, people (and paparazzi) abroad go absolutely nuts over her—kind of like the U.K’s version of Kim Kardashian. Not to mention, she beat out a ton of very public (and very sexy!) American contenders for the coveted spot, including Kendall Jenner, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lawrence.

So, who is Michelle Keegan? Below, a primer on the stunning Brit

1. She used to work at an airport.
Michelle, who was born in Manchester, England, started acting relatively late, attending the Manchester School of Acting after high school. Before she got cast in roles, she worked retail in London and also as a gate agent at the Manchester airport (a fact the Daily Mail is quite fond of recounting.)

2. She didn’t have to work hard to land roles.
On only her second audition ever, famed British soap “Coronation Street offered Michelle the role of the sexy, sultry Tina McIntyre. She played that part for seven years before getting killed off. From there, she went on to star in the BBC’s Ordinary Lies and was a part of the European tour of “Peter Pan” where she played the role of Tinker Bell. In addition to acting, she has done a fair amount of modeling as well.

michelle keegan

3. She has a rock star ex-boyfriend.
Michelle dated  Max George of British band The Wanted—and the pair became a major tabloid sensation before breaking up after two years.

4. She’s a staple in the London Fashion scene.
Only further confirming her it-girl status, the actress sits front row at multiple shows each London fashion week. Photographers can’t seem to get enough of her street style, killer body, and gorgeously thick hair. Furthermore, she’s collaborated on a line for Lipsy London, the same British brand that the Kardashians work with.

5. She’s taken.
The actress is set to tie the knot with fellow TV star and English hottie Mark Wright. Michelle’s fiance was part of the original cast of “The Only Way is Essex,” an extremely popular scripted ‘reality’ show in England. Just yesterday, Mark affectionately tweeted an apology to “all the fellas in the world,” because he officially has a ring on the finger of “The Sexiest Woman in the World.”

michelle keegan