Want: A Sexy Black Bathing Suit-Dress Hybrid By Michael Kors

Perrie Samotin

kors1 Want: A Sexy Black Bathing Suit Dress Hybrid By Michael KorsWhat: A sexy black bathing suit-dress hybrid by the king of laid-back American glamour, Michael Kors

Why: Bathing suits are a lot of things, but chic isn’t always one of them. That’s why we’re loving this striking one-piece that features a plunging neckline (which is only one slimming mechanism this suit offers), a waist-cinching skinny gold belt, and a flouncy little skirt.

How: We don’t know about you, but just looking at this bathing suit makes us want to be sitting poolside somewhere fabulous, sunhat on, with a Champagne cocktail in hand.

Michael Kors Plunge Ruffle Maillot, $256; at Neiman Marcus

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