Michael Jackson’s Design Career Still Possible


Right before Michael Jackson‘s death, rumors had been swirling that the King of Pop was collaborating with Ed Hardy‘s Christian Audigier on a clothing line. Naturally, the collection was scheduled to include items like jackets, gloves, socks, and tees….and umbrellas, which Jackson made a special request to include in the line. (Yeah, we’re a little iffy on that one too–leather and sequined protection from the elements perhaps?) Anyways, as you would suspect, things were put on hold when Jackson passed…until now.

Apparently, Audigier may be ready to move forward with the line, despite the fact that no official papers had been signed between the two moguls. We’re thinking it’s a little too soon to be using MJ’s iconic style for profit, but even worse is that Audigier is considering jacking up prices on certain items such as “The Jackson Jacket,” which originally was set to retail for $250 and may now be sold for a whopping $500.

We know there are enough crazy people out there who would love to drop that kind of money for anything with MJ’s name on it, but come on. Since Audigier and MJ were only in the sketching phase, how will we even know that the collection is truly MJ’s vision?