Michael Jackson Movie Debuts Today, Fans Protest


The Michael Jackson film, This is It, which follows Michael Jackson throughout his rehearsals of what was supposed to be his most theatrical and stunning tour, debuts today.

The decision to make this movie was received with mixed feelings: curious excitement to see what Jackson was so passionately collaborating on and then apprehensive reservations surrounding Jackson’s mental and physical state.

One Michael Jackson fan group appeared on the BBC to express their extreme disappointment in the film. Talin Shajanian points out how Jackson’s attitude about the show changed. Shajanian explains that Jackson went, “from being excited about doing the shows to being concerned and not happy with the way things were going, and under a lot of pressure.” Before his death, Michael Jackson confided in the tour’s director Kenny Ortega, “I don’t want to be old and out there doing what I used to do great that I can’t do anymore.” [New York Magazine]

The Jackson fans are also upset about the film’s inaccurate portrayal of Jackson’s physical state before he passed. The film does not address Jackson’s weakened condition or frail frame.