Michael Douglas Has a Huge Net Worth—Here’s How Much Of It Comes From ‘The Kominsky Method’

Michael Douglas

Kominsky Method fans might be wondering about Michael Douglas‘ net worth, especially now that the series is officially over. Well, allow us to get into everything there is to know about Michael Douglas’ net worth below—but first, here’s a quick primer on Douglas himself.

While many Netflix users have come to know and love Douglas as the face of The Kominsky Method, the New Jersey-born actor has taken on dozens of iconic roles throughout the years. From 1989’s War of the Roses to 2013’s Behind the Candelabra and many, many more, Douglas has emerged as one of the most famous—and richest—actors in a generation. His roles have earned him two Academy Awards, five Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and the AFI Life Achievement Award as far as accolades go.

Of course, when it comes to Michael Douglas’ net worth, there’s also plenty to celebrate there. For everything we know about Michael Douglas’ net worth—including details about his salaries over the years—just keep on reading below!

What is Michael Douglas’ salary for The Kominsky Method?

Douglas starred in Netflix’s The Kominsky Method ever since its premiere in November 2018 until its final and third season was released in May 2021. The show—which was created and produced by Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre—sees Douglas playing Sandy Kominsky, an aging acting coach who commiserates over all the woes of growing older alongside his best friend and agent, Norman Newlander, played by Alan Arkin.

While beloved by fans, the show has gathered only lukewarm attention from critics and media outlets alike. It is perhaps for this reason why there is little information about The Kominsky Method cast salaries. Unfortunately for fans, details have yet to be shared publicly. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t get an idea of how much Douglas tends to bring home per project.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Douglas has raked in millions in base movie salaries alone throughout the years. These include $15 million each for movies like Basic Instinct and The American President, $20 million each for The Game and A Perfect Murder, and $10 million for Traffic, among others. Suffice to say, Douglas easily earned a generous salary from his Netflix project—or from any film and television opportunity, for that matter.

What is Michael Douglas’ net worth in 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michael Douglas’ net worth is estimated to be a whopping $350 million as of 2021.

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