Michael Cera Gets a Jersey Shore Makeover


We have a lot of dreams we hope to fulfill within our lifetimes…you know, going on an African safari, marrying Bradley Cooper and having his children, and we’d love to own our very own Rodarte cobweb knit sweater. We’ll keep dreaming. Hollywood clown Michael Cera has a lot of dreams too apparently, one of which recently came true to our utter delight. Cera’s wish was to spend the day with the entire cast of the Jersey Shore — and did he ever. According to People.com who documented the entire day’s events, Cera spent a whole day chillin’ with Snooki, Vinny, Ronnie, and all the other guidos from the cast whose names end in “i.”

We can only imagine the amount of fist pumping that ensued, and we have photographic confirmation that there were plenty of Ed Hardy tees and blow-outs present, as to be expected. No offense Vinny-boy, but we think Cera’s blow-out beats yours any day. Here’s a little peek into Cera’s adventurous day on the Shore.


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