Michael Bloomberg Spends $13,000 On a Copper Bathtub

Leah Bourne

copper Michael Bloomberg Spends $13,000 On a Copper BathtubBillionaire Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, who is leaving office in January, seems to already preparing for his downtime post public office. News has broken that Bloomberg ordered a $13,000 copper bathtub handmade in France.
“He requested a nickel finish, to give a slightly glossier effect,” Etienne Dulin, owner of the 200-year-old workshop that built the bathtub, told Agence France-Presse.
It took craftsman a staggering 250 hours to complete, which comes out to roughly ten days.
As for why someone would spend this kind of money on a bathtub, the seller said: “These days, those who have money are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd and we are virtually alone in the world in being able to deliver this kind of quality.”
Hey, as far as we are concerned, if Bloomberg wants to get his soak on in a bespoke bathtub, more power to him.
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