Michael Bloomberg Loves “Girls” As Much As We Do

Spencer Cain

michael bloomberg Michael Bloomberg Loves Girls As Much As We DoIt’s no secret that one of the best new additions to the television climate this season was HBO’s “Girls.” While the show’s first season has come to a close, it’s still a hot-button point of discussion for fans, critics and even New York City’s beloved Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

While it may come as a surprise to some naysayers, Bloomberg has nothing but positive things to say about it. “We love the show for inspiring people to move to New York City and become the ‘voice of a generation,’ as Hannah would say,” Mayor Bloomberg told the New York Post, alluding to Lena Dunham‘s protagonist, who is struggling to stay afloat in the big city.

In fact, Bloomberg would be more than happy to make a cameo in future seasons. “They need only whistle and we’d show,” said Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson. “We’re obsessed,” Wolfson added. “It’s the big water-cooler topic of conversation Monday morning in the bullpen.”

Many have dismissed the show on the grounds of nepotism and lack of diversity, but from our perspective, if it’s good enough for Bloomberg — it’s good enough for us!

Who would want to see Bloomberg on Girls? We can only imagine the storyline Lena Dunham would come up with …