Mia Wasikowska Shows Her Bi-Polar Side in W

Kerry Pieri
Mia Wasikowska Shows Her Bi-Polar Side in W
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We’re still a little at that phase where everyone is assuming that Mia Wasikowska is going to be the “next big thing.” In W‘s May issue, the writer who profiles the young actress compares her to both Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. In other words, girl has a little bit of pressure on her.

Wasikowska has also had to play some seriously beloved characters Jane Eyre and Alice in Wonderland sound familiar? And, she kept that last name, which must mean she’s pretty badass.

W picked up on that renegade spirit and turned it up about a thousand times in a spread in the May issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow, entitled Punk Girl. Complete with manic panic hair, safety pinned skin, black lips and Rainbow Bright stickers, the Polish actress by way of Australia is nearly unrecognizable.

Wasikowska told the mag she used to be a ballerina, but quit at age 15 because, “I started not enjoying ballet because it’s so much about physical perfection. What I like about film, is it explores imperfections. That was something that really attracted me,” Mia explains. Check out that repressed ballerina side in ethereal Nina Ricci and feathered McQueen, also in the May issue who other than the next big thing could pull off such a bi-polar look at style?