Fine, Gucci, I Give in: I Need Metallic Loafers

Fine, Gucci, I Give in: I Need Metallic Loafers
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One thing I’ve learned about working in fashion and seeing what sweeps the industry each season is that with certain trends, resistance is futile.

Usually, I have a pretty strong guard up when it comes to the pieces that everyone gloms onto: I haven’t given in yet to the smooth, supple tyranny of the Mansur Gavriel bag, nor was I ever one for the ubiquitous #armparty (come on, I have to type for a living!) Even Gucci’s kangaroo fur-lined slippers, as appealingly comfortable as they look, seem so sure to be unwearable after a couple of months of wear that I’ve been nearly immune to their charms.

But then there are the loafers: Rendered in metallic fuchsia, bright yellow, and pale gold by the brand’s own resident Midas, Alessandro Michele, and ranging from fringed styles with block heels to mannish flats with classic horsebits, they may just be my ideal shoe. After a couple months of watching bloggers, editors, and runway models strut around in the admittedly trendy footwear, I finally have to say:

I capitulate. I give in. I surrender. My feet are ready.