The Most Hilarious Met Gala Memes For You to Enjoy (So Far)

Katie Decker-Jacoby
The Most Hilarious Met Gala Memes For You to Enjoy (So Far)
Photo: Christopher Polk/PMC.

The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated red carpet events of the year. In case you didn’t know, it’s an annual fundraising gala for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City. That is some serious business, but with serious business comes a need for some comedic relief. While all the stars line up in their gorgeous gowns and suits, you can copy us and lay in bed while scrolling through Twitter for the best Met Gala memes. 

There’s so much importance and grandeur around the Met Gala (especially with this year’s ‘Gilded Glamor’ theme), but let us commonfolk celebrate with posts from Twitter’s finest comedians. The red carpet had only just begun, yet we’ve already seen tons of relatable tweets that make fashion’s biggest night all the more entertaining. We’ve seen soooo many posts about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, since they really did steal the show. We’ve also spotted tons of tweets about too many plain black suits on the red carpet, as well as Kylie Jenner’s look.

Plus, the Twitterverse is still left wondering about the whereabouts of a few more arrivals and whether they’re coming at all (hint, hint: Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift).

Keep coming back to this story for more tweets as the night goes on.

We, too, are in complete shock.

This is so true at pretty much any red carpet event. Do better!!!

Just a momager being a momager, though Kris does look fab.

A striking resemblance.

*Sigh* We’re losing hope here.

Loving and hating celebs’ looks is arguably the best part of any red carpet. 

Honestly, same.

We’d have to agree.

But will she show up…? Someone let us know. We want Ariana!

We love a consistent queen, and she always understands the assignment.

Where is Timmy, people?!??!

TBH, it would’ve been perfect.

If BTS attended the Met Gala, they’d no doubt be the best-dressed and they’d follow the theme to a T. 

While critiquing people’s outfits like Miranda Priestly would be so cool, the reality is we’re laying in bed with an avocado blanket. 

Manifesting Taylor showing up to the Met Gala. Please!!

Speaking of more of our faves who are still missing.

We’re begging for this. Someone get Ashley Tisdale an invite!!

We simply cannot unsee this.

There seems to be a trend this year…

Where yah at, Kim?! And is Pete coming with….


I mean, they’re not wrong.

Sorry, we had to.

They are straight from a fairytale and nobody can say otherwise.

Some Twitter users seem quite unimpressed with the fashion this year, but we think there are some winners!

Slay the house down Houston, I’m deceased.

Come through, Harry!!!!

OMG, twins!

It really should be.

They would’ve slayed (haha, get it).

The red carpet could use a little more Katniss Everdeen, don’t you think?

The cutest little flex.

Somehow, Lizzie McGuire’s outfit is very much appropriate for this year’s theme.


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