Met Gala Micro Trend: Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian’s Matching Gloves

Meghan Blalock

Riccardo Tisci basically ran the Met Gala last night, as the creative director of Givenchy was the co-chair of fashion’s big night, and the stars did more than their part to pay homage to him. He dressed no fewer than five ladies, with Amanda Seyfried, Madonna, and Rooney Mara all rocking looks by the Italian designer.

But there were two Givenchy-draped ladies who stood out due to an odd micro-trend: Kim Kardashian and honorary chair Beyoncé wore gloves that matched the patterns of their dresses and covered most (or all, in Kim’s case) of their arms. This is especially interesting since it’s well-known that Kim wasn’t technically welcomed in Bey’s social circles, and especially since, at one point at least, it was rumored that the reality starlet wasn’t even “allowed” around Blue Ivy.

Here’s why it’s notable: Tisci dressed them both, so obviously he knew they would be the only two in his clothes who had a very similar look going on. Why would he choose these two from all the other women he dressed, and what’s the significance of the gloves in particular? Could it be a sign of a peace offering between the two divas? Or perhaps, like at the beginning of any good boxing bout, it’s a touching symbolic gesture of the (not so) friendly battle that rages on between them.

What do you think of the two ladies wearing such noticeably similar styles? Tell us your unfiltered thoughts in the comments!

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