This Chic Candle Protects Against Mercury Retrograde’s Bad Vibes

Bella Gerard
This Chic Candle Protects Against Mercury Retrograde’s Bad Vibes
Photo: Courtesy of Birthdate Co.

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I’ll be honest, I wasn’t always into astrology, but once I learned the ins and outs of Mercury retrograde’s impact, I became hooked. Maybe it’s that I really, truly believe—or, maybe I just want something to blame all my problems on. Either way, I like chalking up my difficulties to something out of my control. That said, I still take precautions to protect myself and preserve my relationships during this time, so when I saw this pretty (and potentially powerful!) Mercury retrograde candle, I knew it needed to be mine.

Even before I was an avid horoscope-reader, I was very much a hardcore candle fan. I’m guilty of dropping far too much money on fancy Diptyque and NEST options and I always shell out for Bath & Body Works’ 2/$24 candle sale. Lately, though, I’m more interested in shopping small, so seeking out more unique candles from small businesses and makers is at the top of my priority list. Plus, I like having something that’s a little different than everyone else!

With this in mind, when I first laid eyes on the Survive Mercury Retrograde candle, I couldn’t add it to my cart fast enough. I always gift my friends Birthdate Co.’s birthday-specific candles, but this is the first time I’ve seen one aimed specifically at an astrological event.

Lighting candles always soothes my worries, so this is the perfect pick to help me find my center during the chaos that is Mercury retrograde, am I right?

STYLECASTER | Mercury Retrograde Candle

Courtesy of Birthdate Co.

Survive Mercury Retrograde Candle

Allow me to wax poetic on all the goodness this candle exudes. The tranquil lavender vetiver fragrance includes notes of bergamot, orange flower, amber, geranium and cedarwood—but it isn’t all about the scent. There’s even an Amazonite crystal hidden inside to bring you balance and strength during retrograde’s topsy-turvy times.

On the back of the candle, there’s a note regarding the details of this specific time of year, including what to know about the retrograde occurring during a Venus retrograde and how to amplify positive and protective energies. How thoughtful!

STYLECASTER | Mercury Retrograde Candle

Seeing as we’re currently in a retrograde lasting until February 3 (which is when this limited-edition candle goes away, FYI) I plan on buying this baby for not only myself, but all my closest friends, too. I know they’ll love it—I mean, who doesn’t like receiving a new candle? Plus, we could all use some soothing good vibes to counteract Mercury’s madness.

If you’re not so into astrology, simply light this candle whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed and let it serve as a reminder to take a breath and step back for a moment. If you are an astro fan, light your candle, set an intention and allow yourself to meditate on it. Either way, this chic candle will get you through this retrograde and help you regain balance and manifest progress in uncertain times. Plus, it’s pretty AF.

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