Good Luck, Bestie—Mercury Retrograde Begins This Week

Brenna Lilly
Good Luck, Bestie—Mercury Retrograde Begins This Week
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Oooooh boyeveryone’s favorite astrological event is on its way. Are you ready for the upcoming Mercury retrograde in Gemini? To be completely honest, I’m not.

Mercury retrograde has a really bad reputation in the world of pop astrology. And a lot of it is warranted! If you’re not familiar with this wild cosmic event, let me give you the scoop, starting with the very basics. A few times yearly, because of the positioning and movement of Earth and Mercury, Mercury looks like it’s going backwards on its track around the sun. This sort of “backward” movement made ancient astrologers freak TF out back in the day, and using their knowledge of human behavior, they discovered a link between this phenomenon and our little lives.

Although modern astronomy has taught us that Mercury doesn’t really dance backward (Luv u, NASA!), us astro-folk know that, energetically, Mercury retrograde can affect communication and travel for everyone. Think of Mercury as the guardian of everything verbal—talking, writing, even tweeting (It’s 2021, people!). When he’s thrown out of whack during a retrograde period, all hell breaks loose.

Think of Mercury as the guardian of everything verbal.

Common communication-related issues include misunderstandings over text and online (“Are you being sarcastic?”) and sending messages/snaps in the wrong direction (Read: you’re probably going to DM the wrong Sarah).

Mercury retrograde also tends to throws a wrench in any travel plans you might have. If you really have to leave town during retrograde, you might be fine, but if you’re considering booking a spontaneous vacation during this time, I suggest saving it for a couple weeks later. Otherwise, you might end up with lost luggage, popped tires, and even larger inconveniences that could turn your getaway into a disaster.

Much to the dismay of us astro-nerds, Mercury retrograde is on its way this week, beginning May 29 and ending June 22. Remember what I just told you about Mercury retrograde screwing with everything communication-related? There’s some extra-bad news for us extroverts, loud talkers, and over-sharers: This particular retrograde is in the sign of Gemini, whose energy is all about yap-yap-yap.

Because this Mercury retrograde lands in Gemini, we’ll be treated to an absolute joy of a few weeks when it comes to talking, expressing ourselves and trying to get our point across. And bear in mind, I’m being totally sarcastic—to put it bluntly, folks, it’s gonna be a shit-show.

Practice mindfulness of speech over the next few weeks.

Much like all other crappy astro-happenings, you’ll have an easier time if you go with the flow instead of pretending the retrograde isn’t happening. Accept that, from May 29 to June 22, you’re going to have a hard time communicating, be it sending an email to your boss or flirting with your new neighbor. 

Instead of rushing your words and digital communiques, practice mindfulness of speech over the next few weeks. Think before you speak or type. Is that really what you want to say? How might the other person perceive it? Could they accidentally (or intentionally) twist your words?

If you’re patient, diligent, and keep a low profile, you can remediate some of the effects of May and June’s Gemini Mercury retrograde and come out on top. And, hey—good luck, bestie. Remember that it’s only a few weeks!

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