Thank Goodness, Mercury Retrograde Is Ending—Here’s What That Means

Thank Goodness, Mercury Retrograde Is Ending—Here’s What That Means
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And now, for the best news you’ve heard in weeks: Mercury retrograde is ending on July 12, 2020! Finally, the planet of communication, technology and transportation is awakening from his three-week-long nap to help you make the forward progression that you’ve so dearly missed. Hopefully you leaned in and heeded some of the lessons Mercury was pushing over the last few weeksDid you get any better at noticing details? Did your communication with others improve? Did you remember to press Save multiple times while working on a project? If so, yay for you! If not, don’t worry—Mercury takes another nap on October 13.

All that said, now that you know it’s time for forward momentum to begin, the big question is how will you feel over the next few days as retrograde winds down? Relieved, that’s for sure! When Mercury is direct and running at full speed again on July 26, you should not have too many obstacles when comes to communicating efficiently. Say bye-bye to lost emails or accidental CCs instead of BCCs. Transportation and travel should be filled with less hiccups and technological failures should diminish greatly, too.

You should also prepare to finally find solutions to the problems that plagued you during Mercury retrograde, especially between July 12 and 26 when we are still in the elusive Mercury retrograde shadow time period, recently nicknamed ~Retroshade~. The post-shadow of a retrograde is generally a time for the final tying up of loose ends, especially anything left outstanding during the actual retrograde period.

So now that you know what to expect, let’s get into the details sign by sign. Read on for a look at how each zodiac sign can thrive once Mercury is in retrograde no more.


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Glitches at home might have thrown you for a loop this Mercury retrograde, Aries. Did you have to replace any appliances? Or, did you have a delivery completely miss its mark? With Mercury retrograde in your home sector, that was to be expected. Now, you can finally move forward on any remodelling, moving or redecorating that you’ve been itching to do. 


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Your communication sector was bamboozled by Mercury retrograde, Taurus. What you said versus what others heard has not been not even remotely close to the same thing for at least three weeks now. Mercury wanted you to communicate more consciously and compassionately. Now that this challenge is over, you will find that people are hearing you clearly again. 


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Your finances might have been a little wonky with Mercury retrograde shaking things up in your earned income sector for the last three weeks. Your bank account might have been doing some weird things, causing you to re-evaluate your budget. With Mercury direct once more, you can finally lock and load your budget so that you can create a more stable foundation for your future. 


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Mercury was just throwing monkey wrenches in all aspects of your life, wasn’t it, Cancer? We hope you didn’t have any major beauty disasters. Now that Mercury is direct, you can finally make changes to your appearance and not have to spend so much time worrying about every little thing you say and do. 


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All the ways you sabotage yourself were up for review this retrograde, Leo. You might have noticed some habits that were no longer serving you coming up as the universe demanded for you to release them. Well, now that Mercury is direct again, you can look forward to replacing those habits with new productive, healthy alternatives. 


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Have your friends been driving you nuts lately, Virgo? Well, with Mercury retrograde in your friendship sector, connecting with your squad was probably not easy at all. Now that Mercury is going direct again, you can work on any damage that arose and repair any friendships that were bruised. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can finally try for that socially-distanced dinner party you’ve been wanting to throw.


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Professional progression has probably felt completely impossible over the last three weeks as Mercury was asking you to evaluate who you want to be when you grow up, dear Libra Now that the planet is finally going direct, you can start making those boss moves you’ve been holding back on. 


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Travel has been on your mind a lot lately, Scorpio. Both physically and mentally, you want to escape for a little while! If you did travel, file any legal proceedings or have a monkey wrench thrown into any higher education plans over the past few months, Mercury retrograde was to blame, as it lit this sector of your life on fire. Now that it’s going direct, you can expect to move forward with better travel plans and make real moves.


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On a positive note, Mercury retrograde might have brought opportunities for you to re-negotiate any contracts you had, like a lease, monthly payment agreement or outstanding financial obligation. Was this the case, Sag? On a not-so-happy note, it also might have reminded you of some overdue bills you were trying to forget. Now that Mercury is direct, you can have another shot at talking things through with your lenders. Oh, and if your sex life fell off a cliff during retrograde, rest assured that should return to normal, too.


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If the last three weeks showed you anything at all, it was that sometimes your other half (or business partner) does not understand you at all. Or maybe it was just Mercury getting in the way? Mercury retrograde brought some miscommunication and misunderstandings to an important partnership for you, Capricorn. Now, with Mercury direct again, it’s time to kiss and make up. Now is the time to talk things through with your partner and get on the same page.


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 Your whole existence might have felt like it was tested this Mercury retrograde, Aquarius. Mercury was taking a nap in your sector of work, day-to-day responsibilities, pets and health for the last three weeks. Mercury kept questioning how well you were taking care of yourself, and if you weren’t meeting its expectations, it encouraged you to do more by challenging you. When Mercury goes direct, you will finally be relieved of all the pressure. Just be sure to continue on with whatever healthy habits you developed for your self-care routine once this is all over.


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Mercury Retrograde was bringing a little chaos to your love, kids, fun and creativity sector, Pisces. Dating might have been very fruitless, your kids might have made you want to rip your hair out and fun might have been put on the back-burner as you prioritized more serious concerns. Well, now that Mercury is direct again, you can leave all of that chaos behind. Dating should normalize for you and fun can be be scheduled back in. Hooray! 


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