Don’t Panic—The First Mercury Retrograde of 2020 Will Be Over Sooner Than You Think

Maggie Griswold
Don’t Panic—The First Mercury Retrograde of 2020 Will Be Over Sooner Than You Think
Photo: Melissa Medvedich.

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If you’ve been feeling like things are off-kilter lately—you’re right. Mercury has been in retrograde since February 16, and it’s not quite over yet. (Sorry!) From weird technical glitches to getting phone calls from people you haven’t talked to in ages, this period of time is known for all kinds of strange events. So if you’ve been struggling dealing with the effects of said retrograde, have no fear. The Mercury retrograde end date is March 9. Less than two weeks left of this hot mess, people. You can do it.

Mercury retrograde sounds super complicated, but it’s really pretty simple. Basically, Mercury retrograde is just the moment that Mercury passes Earth while it’s rotating around the sun. And, from where we’re standing, it looks like Mercury is moving backward. It’s not. But because of Mercury’s movement, we see a lot of odd things happen here on Earth.

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Since this is the beginning of a new decade, it’s important to make note of how you feel in the first Mercury retrograde. Everything is already a bit topsy-turvy in the world right now, with the primary elections, climate change and other movements, so adding a retrograde on top of it all definitely doesn’t help. However, if we focus on checking in with ourselves and those around us, it can make a huge difference until we’re out of the proverbial water.

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Until March 9 comes, we can at least take advantage of this time to work on our communication skills. Check in with your friends and see if they’re struggling with anything. Call your parents and update them on your goals. Mercury retrograde is a strange time for all of us, but it’s also a good time to look at our lives from new angles and really figure out some things about ourselves. Maybe doing this will make the time until the end of Mercury retrograde go a little faster. (Well, one can dream.)