These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Mercury Retrograde the Most

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Mercury Retrograde the Most
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Ready for a Mercury Retrograde curve-ball? Tough tacos, baby. Everyone’s fave planet is in retrograde again, just in time for Thanksgiving. And if you’re a Gemini, Aries or Sagittarius, Mercury retrograde affects your zodiac sign the most.

But before you roll your eyes at another prediction of the usual email hiccups and miscommunications issues—remember that November’s Mercury Retrograde is only one factor in the expansive relationship we have with the world, our relationships and ourselves. Above all, all signs can use this time to process and reflect; life doesn’t stop when it gets challenging.

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In a culture where so much emphasis is placed on product and outcome, don’t be afraid to groove on your own self-care journey, and eat a ton of waffles, and journal about dumb stuff, and listen to Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” for 20 hours. Wear that lipstick that your mean cousin told you looked clownish. Howl at the moon. Drink the blood of your enemies—just have fun with it, you know?

Use this time from November 16 to December 6 to figure out what you want, what you feel, and what fills your bucket.

3 astrological signs gemini These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Mercury Retrograde the Most


It’s been a tumultuous year for you, Gemini, but the end is in sight. Now is the time to make corrections, communicate as directly as possible, and forgive yourself and others. To get to the good, you’ve got to get down and dirty first, Christina Aguilera style. Deal with your ish.

And take care of yourself. Ignore flaky friends, cringe-y and/or noncommittal exes, and getting bangs until Mercury goes direct, OK? I’m protecting you from yourself. Re-think what isn’t working. Make a list, even. And remember—solving problems doesn’t always mean confrontation, or avoidance. Find balance to find happiness.

1 astrological signs aries v2 These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Mercury Retrograde the Most


You’ve been on a roll this month, Aries. In your career, personal life, social circles and romantic ventures, you’ve been doing ur groove thang. This retrograde, don’t be afraid to promote causes and work that you care about. You’re closer to your goals than you think. Your energy is in overdrive, so take advantage.

While you don’t want to make any large purchases right now, it is the perfect time to invest in yourself and your future. Whether that be contributing to a 401k or retirement plan, taking classes or asking for more responsibility at work/your side-hustle—don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want.

Don’t over-explain, don’t try to convince others of what you’re trying to do. Just quietly make moves, and learn how to validate yourself.

9 astrological signs sagittarius These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Mercury Retrograde the Most


Given that the retrograde is in the house of Sagittarius, it stands to reason that this may be a more challenging month for you, sweet Sagittarius. Problems with traveling, communication, culture and new relationships may arise. But! This is a perfect time for finishing projects, completing tasks and making plans that can go into effect once Mercury goes direct.

Try to limit your commitments and obligations during this time, even though you love to say ‘yes’. Channel your enthusiasm into recharging your energy—whether it be through organizing your space, tackling an ambitious project, or even—gasp—spending time with people who make you feel good.

The Rest of Ya

And a quick note for all you other signs: Be on the lookout for opportunities for growth and renewal. We’ve all been at a point where we’re looking for an outstretched hand in the darkness. Half our year is spent in retrograde. At a certain point, we have to ask ourselves: Are we part of the miscommunication, or are we relating to each other and the world with our full, beating hearts?