Want to Date an Actual Genius? Match.com is Partnering With Mensa

Leah Bourne

Photo: Getty

Online dating aficionados know that you can easily search for potential dates with a certain hair color or who have a certain career, but actual brains has been pretty hard to siphon out—until now. Online dating site Match.com is teaming up with high-IQ membership organization Mensa on an exclusive dating website that launched this week. Only users who fulfill Mensa requirements by testing in the 98th percentile on an IQ test can sign up.

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While online dating has come under fire for emphasizing hotness over other personal attributes, Match.com says most singles are really just looking for someone smart. The dating site reports that 80 percent of singles said dating someone of the same intelligence is a “must have” or “very important.”

Match’s Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Helen Fisher says: “Why do we want a smart partner? Because intelligence is correlated with many benefits, including:  higher income; sense of humor; creativity; social skills; coordination; and problem solving. These are sexy.  Money can buy a sexy evening on the town. People everywhere gravitate to smart lovers, because an intelligent partner comes with a host of sexy perks.”

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If you’re not in Mensa, you can take the test for $1 through July 6 to find out if you’re smart enough to qualify for this dating service.

What’s the most important quality you’re looking for in that special someone? Share your thoughts in the comments below!