So, USA’s Men’s Gymnastics Team Is Ridiculously Hot

Shout-out to Olympic gymnast Jake Dalton, who just shared a selfie of his fellow teammates and made our Friday infinitely more interesting.

The snap, taken on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, promptly sent the Internet—and our office—into complete meltdown. And with good reason: Hold onto your ovaries, because this is the team we’re probably sending to the next Olympics.


Holy whoa. No, this isn’t a behind-the-scenes snap of a Calvin Klein photo shoot, this just happens to be a very genetically blessed crowd of professional gymnasts–yep, gymnasts, who knew?!—training on the beach.

On the left—with the tats and the epic blue-steel impression—is 27-year-old Paul Rugger, and the smiling dude on the right (my personal favorite) is 24-year-old Alex Naddour from Gilbert, Arizona. Donnell Whittenburg is the hottie holding the selfie stick. Go USA.