10 Men’s Shirts That’ll Look Better on You This Spring

10 Men’s Shirts That’ll Look Better on You This Spring
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One thing that rocks about being a girl is the sheer number of ways we can wear clothes. In fact, we’ve actually felt pangs of pity for our boyfriends, husbands, colleagues, and basically every other average male who doesn’t have the option of rocking skirts, shorts, tights, strapless dresses, overalls, heels, crazy hats, red lipstick, and pretty much everything else that doesn’t include jeans and shirts (not that they don’t look great in them.)

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However, we do need to give menswear designers props for creating pieces that have us totally enamored—and totally willing to buy and wear.

The thing we love about about men’s clothes, particularly men’s shirts: They’re made without the pesky seams women’s clothes have (located right on the sides of your rib cage) that make garments appear more fitted, so whether it’s a slightly oversized sweatshirt, a perfectly broken-in chambray shirt, or a simple tee, we manage to get a slouchier, cooler fit.

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And, because we know you’re not going to stop buying plenty of women’s clothes this spring, everything we’ve found here is affordable.

So click through our gallery and start shopping theses 1o men’s shirts that’ll look better on you this spring!

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How to wear it: This adorable shirt is cut slim, so we'd roll up those sleeves even more and tuck it into a pair of super-straight jeans, a black mini, or a pair of slouchy leather shorts for spring. Button it all the way up, or leave a few extra buttons undone and pop the collar, depending on your style. 

Pineapple Cotton Shirt, $19.80; at Forever 21

How to wear it: Lots of stylish women know the secret to a perfectly shrunken blazer is often found in the boys' department. For spring, take a break from black and navy and opt for this chic madras version, which will look super-sharp with skinny faded blue jeans and a pair of classic black pumps.

Boys' Madras Sport Coat, $168; at Brooks Brothers


How to wear it: Some might argue that statement sweatshirts are a girl's game, so why not dress up this Acne version with slim black trousers, heels, and casually pushed-up sleeves?

Acne Studios College Patch Sweatshirt, $220; at Acne

How to wear it: We'd tie this men's shirt at the waist, add a super-full black midi skirt, and some bright red lipstick. 

Printed Poplin Shirt, $59.90; at Zara

How to wear it: Nothing beats a classic denim shirt in terms of versatility, and we prefer men's versions since they're made without the pesky side seams women's shirts so often have to make them form-fitting. Roll up the sleeves on this slim  top and rock it as a spring jacket—it looks effortless over dresses and tees—or button it up and tuck it into trousers or jeans. 

Uniqlo Men's Chambray Shirt,$29.90; at Uniqlo 

How to wear it: Yes, this is a men's shirt, but we think it'll look just as good on us when worn with a pair of brightly-colored ankle trousers or tucked into high-waisted black shorts.

Marni Shirt, $480; at Mr. Porter

How to wear it: Sorry guys but this'll look way cuter on us this spring, when paired with slim white jeans and a great pair of saddle-colored flars or oxfords. Once the weather really warms, replace those jeans with denim cut-offs. 

Fine Knit Sweater, $34.95; at H&M

How to wear it: Add a broken-in gray T-shirt underneath, leave it open, and roll up the sleeves. Or, since the colors are reminiscent of a classic Baja pullover, use it as your beach over up once summer comes. 

Faded Striped Shirt, $22.80; at Forever 21

How to wear it: This impossibly cool shirt is made for pretty much anything, from black jeans to denim shorts. 

Comme Des Garcons Play/Simpsons Striped Shirt, $205; at SSense


How to wear it: "Breaking Bad" fans (or just general zeitgeist lovers) can definitely chic this tee up by tucking it into a pair of slim black trousers and adding a tailored black blazer. 

Long Sleeve T-Shirt With Breaking Bad Print, $33.87; at ASOS

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