Men’s Must: Vintage Rolex Air-King


Vintage Rolex Air-King, prices vary depending on condition, available through watch collectors. However, if you prefer to get a new one, Rolex has started remaking the Air-King watch, available at


Reason #1

Because it’s a Rolex… a vintage Rolex.

Reason #2
Aside from its elegant look, this watch has an unprecedented historical value in the Rolex family. Historically, the Air-King was the watch of choice of British fighter pilots in battle. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, was so moved by the brave pilots that he decided to honor them with a line of manual wind Oysters. At this time, the 32 mm diameter watch was considered a large dial. While the Oyster Royal line existed preceding the war, Rolex began producing larger watches coding them with names such as “Air Tiger,” “Air Lion,” “Air Giant,” and “Air King.” The Airline series continued in production until the early 1960’s with the Air-King being the sole survivor of the series.

Reason #3
Every man needs a good watch on his wrist.