Men’s Must: Paul Labrecque Men’s Recharge Facial

Jon Carlo


Men’s Recharge Facial, $75, at Paul Labrecque Gentlemen’s Salon & Barbershop at CORE: Club,


Reason #1
The ever-looming “R” word, hiring freezes, swine flu, talk of Jon and Kate- the mental stress alone can leave his skin prone to breakouts and flare-ups.

Reason #2
Paul Labrecque’s newest salon is located in Manhattan’s CORE: Club. Though CORE: Club is members-only, Paul Labrecque’s newest address will offer non-members it’s high-end luxury services in this exclusive and intimate setting. The space alone is impressive (private lounges, fitness studio, terrace) but their approach to personal service and expertise is the real draw.

The Gentleman’s Salon and Barbershop offers a full range of signature services including the Men’s Recharge Facial. It’s the perfect 30 minute getaway to help any man unwind and de-stress. This in-chair treatment starts with a deep cleanse followed by toning and exfoliation. A purifying clay mask is then applied (while the mask dries a relaxing shoulder, face and neck massage is given) and finished with a hydrating moisturizer. The whole experience felt like a mini vacation and I left feeling unbelievably refreshed. Also, Paul Labrecque is known for carrying the most exclusive and sought after products in the market and the Hommage products used were no exception. The staff is well-versed when it comes to finding the right skin care regiment and offers a one-stop grooming shop that carries Decleor Men’s, DS Labs, Shiseido Men’s, and Hommage shave and SkinCare line. Everything is top-shelf stuff.

Reason #3
You know the benefits an amazing facial can give, pay it forward.

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