Men’s Must: Nau Profile Fleece Hoody


Object Of Desire:

Profile Fleece Hoody in Carbon, $195, at

Reason #1

The hooded sweatshirt should be a staple of any closet when it comes to fall weather. A perfect piece for the “in-between” time, when summer is waning and the nights become brisk but right before you switch over to a real jacket. There is just something about wearing a hoodie that is reminiscent of fun. The Profile Fleece Hoodie from Nau will be your Fall go-to regardless of how you define fun.

Reason #2

A smooth rain-repellent exterior is complemented by a soft fleece interior that keeps you warm while feeling super comfortable. The fit of this hoodie is phenomenal. Other notable features include the hemline dipping lower in the rear to cover your back pockets, a collar that stays up even when you’re not rocking the hood, and lapped seams that leave exposed raw edges.

Reason #3

If you need to put a label on it, Nau falls into the sector of a socially conscious fashion brand. While making great clothing they are also very mindful of the impact their product has. With all of their pieces 2 percent of your purchase is donated to a humanitarian, social, or environmental partner of your choosing. On the product side the Profile Fleece Hoody is composed of 87 percent recycled polyester and 13 percent spandex, which accounts for the four-way stretch. Sustainability is key.