Men’s Must: John Varvatos ARTISAN



John Varvatos ARTISAN, $75, at


Reason #1

Some men get frightened off by fragrances. Worried they might come off as feminine, they douse themselves with manly products like Axe. No need to break out your body spray and hair gel just yet. Fresh and intriguing, John Varvatos’ ARTISAN conveys the freedom of a long summer weekend while avoiding that Jersey-Shore-Guido smell, even if you do sometimes enjoy a good old Jersey fist pump.

Reason #2

And for the men who cherish their inner Guido, go ahead and douse yourself in ARTISAN. It’s okay. It brings you the invigorating, untouched smell of nature, so you don’t have to worry about coming on too strong. We all know you’re out with your buddies, fixing your hair, hitting the nightclubs; again and again tipping back the sweet, fruity shot called life.

Reason #3

Experimenting with scents is like experimenting with hard liquor in high school. You knew you shouldn’t be doing it in excess, but just the right amount always felt oh-so-good. Also back in high school we filled our flasks with our parent’s vodka. Now John Varvatos has filled this flask with an innovative yet inviting scent that is ready to take your fragrance V-card.