Men’s Must: Fendi Abici Bike



Fendi Abici Bike decked out with Fendi’s Selleria leather accessories: a key and bike chain cover, leather GPS navigation holder and a detachable Fendi case, $5,900 and ($975 for detachable case) at Fendi Fifth Avenue.


Reason #1
Ever feel the urge to speed down the Italian countryside? The familiarity of athletic equipment coupled with European designs fills the void that every modern man should make a few European designer purchases before the age of forty.

Reason #2
The sexy kick-stand will come in handy to stop and chat to all the admirers as you ride through town. This will also produce a result in having to pop open the basket case, to unveil a chilled bottle of Veuve. Trust me with this bike this will be the only basket case in your life, sans Amy Winehouse (or Courtney Love?).

Reason #3
Granted I typically only ride the stationary bike in spin classes at Equinox, but I have always wanted to take a bike out on the town and what would be better than a Fendi, especially with a side of champs.